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This site is intended to provide you with an overview of my profile and approach to user experience design.

I have extensive practical experience designing advanced and complex solutions, focusing on frictionless designs for specialized users in mission critical and business critical contexts. I spoke on this subject at the Interaction09|Vancouver conference as an active member of the interaction design community. >> conference | >>IxDA

I have pioneered multiple groundbreaking interaction designs for finance, industry, healthcare and defence use. As a UX professional, I have been involved in the user experience design of desktop, web, touch and mobile solutions. One of my designs is actively used by troops in multiple countries in Afghanistan, andI am currently leading the UX of two of Denmarks primary ecommerce platforms under the eBay brand. >> portfolio

Educated MA in Interaction Design and Human Computer Interaction and a minor degree in business, combined with business skills and 10+ years of practical experience, I have the capacity to manage both large scale projects and enjoy designing hands-on, covering multiple aspects of user experience design myself. >> resume

When designing user experiences, communicating and organisational skills are key. I have experience coordinating the efforts of developers, architects, projects managers, clients, end-users and designers to one common effective solution. I can design quick-and-dirty prototypes, as well as cooperate in CMMI and Agile software development process environments. >> contact me

Mikkel Michelsen.
Interaction Designer (MA)


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