You’ve probably heard about the muhammad cartoons or muhammad drawings. In 2005, a Danish newspaper published 12 satirical drawings depicting the prophet of the islamic faith; Muhammad. It caused an uproar in muslim communities and countries.  But have you ever seen the cartoons?

See the original full-page article and the individual drawings below.

Jyllandsposten Muhammad Cartoons page

This is what the fullsize page in the Danish Newspaper looked like on Sep. 30th. 2005. Below you can see and download the individual drawings in more detail.

What do the Muhammad Cartoons look like?

Below you will find the 12 cartoons that the fuss was all about. Make your own informed decision on the matter.

Download by selecting the cartoon and choosing “Save picture as…”.

Kurt Westergaard Muhammad Cartoon

The most famous of the Muhammed Cartoons: Kurt Westergaard‘s drawing entitled “Bomb in a turban”

Peder Bundgaard Muhammad Cartoon

Peder Bundgaard‘s Muhammad Cartoon

Bob Katze Nelson Muhammad Cartoon

Bob Katze Nelson‘s Muhammad Drawing

Poul Erik Poulsen's Muhammad Cartoon

Poul Erik Poulsen‘s depiction of Muhammad

Jens Julius Muhammad Cartoon

Jens Julius‘s Muhammad drawing. The title reads “Stop stop We’ve run out of virgins!“.

Erik A Sørensen Muhammad Cartoon

Erik A Sørensen‘s Muhammad drawing. The title reads “Prophet! Coo coo crazy, keeping women subjected!”

Rasmus S Høyer muhammad cartoon

Rasmus S Høyer‘s muhammad cartoon entitled “Outlook”

Claus Seidel's Muhammad Drawing

Claus Seidel‘s Muhammad drawing

Annette Carlsen's Muhammad Cartoon

Annette Carlsen‘s Muhammad Cartoon. The title reads “Hm… I don’t quite recoqnize him”.

Arne Sørensen's Muhammad drawing

Arne Sørensen‘s Muhammad drawing

Franz Füchsel's Muhammad Drawing

Franz Füchsel‘s Muhammad Drawing. The title reads “Easy friends, after all it’s just a drawing made by an infidel Dane from the south.

Lars Refn's Muhammad Cartoon

Lars Refn‘s Muhammad Cartoon. The title reads “Muhammad, Public School of Valby class 7A“. His t-shirt reads “The Future“.

The Muhammad cartoons in short

The 12 muhammad cartoons, subject to a major international controversy, were published 9-30-2017. See and download the images here.