Our unique platform supports:

We turn your data into valuable action-oriented insights

Easily compare and benchmark the performance on all your marketing channels. We identify missed opportunities with our unique AI engine. We enable you to react proactively when a marketing channel suddenly is under-performing. We help you scale and maximize your return on your precious marketing budget.

We go beyond reporting. We maximize your ROAS.

By being very experienced marketeers ourselves, we know the last thing you want is another tool with useless reports. We collect, transform and feed all your marketing data into meaningful reports and deep insights, which enables you to shine and maximize ROAS for your company - while saving you precious time!

Integrate all your marketing channels in a few clicks

We have done all the hard work and integrated against the leading marketing channels and data sources. We can retrieve your historic marketing data in a few minutes and transform it into valuable reports and insights - Already today! Dont just take our word for it. Try it for free.

Benchmark your performance with your marketing budget

Evaluate real-time your ad spending and current sales vs. your budget and sales forecast. Are you hitting your numbers? Dont worry! Reaktion.com gives you all this precious knowledge - right at your fingertips.