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Increase your profits, save time and get a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

Reaktion offers server-side tracking, real-time reporting, attribution, CLV analysis, and product sales insights. The ultimate collaboration platform for agencies and ecommerce companies.

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Get instant insights into your true marketing
channel performance with our analytics platform.

See the true profit of each marketing channel with our attribution tool for ecommerce See the true profit of each marketing channel with our attribution tool for ecommerce

Get ahead of your competitors with more tracked sales and a crystal-clear overview:
Pinpoint and scale your profit-generating marketing campaigns, customers, and products.

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Serverside Tracking

Boost Your Tracking by 37% to 55%

  • Track 37% more orders in Google Ads and Meta Ads with Reaktion’s unique serverside tracking.
  • Track the true profit, CAC, return rates of all your channels, campaigns, ad sets and ads – and even keywords and products on Google Shopping Ads.
  • Plug&play solution. No coding skills required. Setup time is 2 – 3 minutes for both Google Ads and Meta Ads.


Get all your ecommerce and marketing data in one platform

Realtime. Automated. Eliminate old-fashioned reporting and save time.

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Real-time Reporting

Get all your important ecommerce and marketing metrics in near real-time. Customize your dashboard to exactly fit your needs.


Ecommerce dashboard
Ecommerce dashboard
See realtime your performance on your mobile.

Improved Tracking Accuracy with Server-side Tracking and Offline Conversion Tracking

Maximize the potential of your marketing channels with our advanced server-side tracking solution. Precise and detailed sales data to fuel your marketing campaigns optimization.

Identify your True Winners

Stop comparing ROAS from platform to platform. Reaktion’s unique pixel and server-side tracking capabilities offer more valuable insights into the contribution of each platform. Not just ROAS, but also your true profit from each marketing channel.

Calculate your profit from marketing
Calculate your profit from marketing
Calculate your profit from marketing

All your Stores in One Account

Unite all your ecommerce stores in one Reaktion account. Get a helicopter view of your performance as well as a deep-dive into the performance of each specific store.


Reporting for multiple ecommerce stores

All your ecommerce stores. Your preferred currency. Fully automated.

Start Optimizing your Campaigns for Profit

Boost your profit, not just your revenue. Feed the marketing conversion APIs with nutritious first-party profit data.


Start to optimize your campaigns for true profit

Enable our unique profit-bidding optimization for your campaigns.

โ€œWe currently use Reaktion across our customers to give them better insight into their entire business. Reaktion is a tool that I wish had been there years ago. This means that we now have everything together in one place, and have the wildest tools for tracking, data, CLTV, and much more. If you are a business owner or agency owner, Reaktion is a must. Definitely the best tool on the market at all! In addition to the tool, the team behind Reaktion is always fresh on new ideas and insights, which are also quickly implemented. Can definitely be recommended!”

Emil Nissen – CEO

“Reaktion has made reporting far easier, more comprehensive, and time-saving compared to Datastudio. Their server-side tracking, profit optimization, CLV, target groups, and creative insights are worth gold.”

Michael Bengtson – Partner & Client Director

Marketing Attribution

Give credit where credit is due! By setting your attribution model in Reaktion, you gain deep insights into which platforms truly contribute to your bottom line.


Attribution for ecommerce marketing
Attribution for ecommerce marketing
Attribution for ecommerce marketing

Creative Cockpit:
See which Ads Generate Profit

Identify which creatives (images, videos, UGC, etc.) that are profitable. Easily compare vital metrics hook rate/thumbnail stop ratio, # of new customers, lowest CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), and gross profit.

Analyze the profit of each ad at Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, SnapChat Ads and Google Ads
Analyze the profit of each ad at Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, SnapChat Ads and Google Ads
Analyze the profit of each ad at Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, SnapChat Ads and Google Ads

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV/CLV)

Ever wondered how much revenue and profit you gained after 1st time transaction, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, 180 days and lifetime? Get the answers right here.


Analyze your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV/LTV) - Shopify / WooCommerce
Analyze your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV/LTV) - Shopify / WooCommerce

Ecommerce Agency?
Get All your Clients’ Performance in One View

All your clients. One login. All accounts.

Client overview / list
Client overview / list

The Platform Designed for Ecommerce Agencies and Ecommerce Businesses

Improve the results for your ecommerce clients with server-side tracking and save endless hours with customized and automated reporting in real-time. No more slow-loading manual reports with outdated data! As you an agency, you get ALL your clients in your single-login account.

Create your Own Custom Marketing Reports and Dashboards


In-depth Overview of your Costs

In order to track to your true profit, we will take all your costs associated to each order into consideration. Shipping, Cost of Goods Solds, Refunds, Returns, Payment Fees, Pick and Pack fees. It has never been more important than now to get an overview of your unit economics.



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Server-side Tracking
Enable our unique plug-and-play server-side tracking for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SnapChat, and TikTok. Accurate, fast, and secure tracking.
Improve Tracking Now
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV / LTV)
One-click: Get your Customer Lifetime Value reports with revenue, gross profit per customer, number of orders, repurchase rate, and much more.
CLV Analytics for Ecommerce
Marketing Attribution
Utilize our multi-touch marketing attribution models as linear touch model, first / last click, or even customize your own attribution model. Get a crystal clear overview of your digital marketing performance.
Attribute your revenue and profit
Marketing Profit Optimization
Start optimizing your Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns for profit. Utilize our advanced integrations to the conversion APIs with a click of a button and start scaling your profits – and not just your revenue.
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Creative Cockpit
Analyze the performance of all your ads from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, and SnapChat in one platform. Get detailed metrics for each ad like the number of new customers, gross profit, net profit, and much more
Analyze all your ads in one platform
Ecommerce Reports and Dashboards
Get all your data in one single platform and in near real-time (15 mins. delay). View all your favorite ecommerce analytics and digital marketing metrics with our report tool. Work with KPIs with your colleagues and/or clients. Tailored to different personas.
Create your reports in seconds
Facebook Ads Leads ROI Tracker
Monitor the ROI of all your Facebook Ads Leads. Granulate the performance from the campaign, ad set, ad, or lead form.
Calculate the ROI of Your Leads
Klaviyo Cockpit and Reporting
Easily integrate Klaviyo and get a unique overview of the performance of your Klaviyo campaigns, flows, and much more.
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Agency Dashboards
See the performance of all your clients in one single view with all the vital metrics. Easily identify if a client account needs your attention.
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