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AGENCY: Lazzaweb is awarded “Best Global Integrated Search Agency”

The world’s best tool for tracking and financial overview for all ecommerce businesses. We are extremely happy to use the tool and utilize it across all our ecommerce clients. The founders behind it listen and implement the advice given, which is greatly appreciated.”

Emil Nissen, Partner & Agency Owner


ECOMMERCE: Watery is a fast-growing ecommerce company with stores in multiple countries using Shopify.

“We have now been using Reaktion for 4 months and this is just what we have waited for. As a +10m dollar ecommerce, we need to know what marketing channels and assets works, but have not been able to until we started with Reaktion. I really like the way Reaktion shows us click rate, ROAS and seen-through% for each of our content, so we can make more of the content that works. And then we use the blended ROAS a lot to decide which channels should have more budget and which shouldn’t.”

Daniel Johannesen, Founder of Watery


AGENCY: Stwentyfive is a leading digital marketing agency scaling fast-growing ecommerce brands internationally.

Reaktion has made reporting far easier, more in-depth, and time-saving compared to Datastudio. Their server-side tracking, profit optimization, CLV, audiences, and insights at the creative level are incredibly valuable. The ability to provide even more insights to our customers at the product and category level makes the collaboration far more data-driven.”

Michael Bengtson, Client Director & Partner


AGENCY: Growbix creates the e-commerce winners of the future. Digital marketing agency.

Must-have tool for all ecommerce merchants that want to understand and optimize their profitability across campaigns, products, and customers.”

Fazel Majed, CEO

Anew Sleep + PL & Partners

ECOMMERCE + AGENCY: Kristian is a founder of the leading agency PL & Partner as well a founder of the ecommerce company Anew Sleep.

“Reaktion is a remarkable tool that has significantly enhanced my e-commerce business. With its marketing tracking, attribution, and real-time dashboard capabilities, it has become an essential part of my operations.”

Kristian Larsen, Founder & Partner


ECOMMERCE: German shoemaker with ecommerce stores and locale stores in ex. Copenhagen.

With Reaktion, we at LLOYD SHOES gain unique insights into our marketing activities and a deep understanding of our webshop. The aforementioned enables us to make decisions that contribute to our increased growth. I can easily, and in almost real-time, see the return on our campaigns on, for example, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Adtraction. Likewise, it has provided insights into our customer lifetime values and optimized our tracking setup. High recommendations from here.”

Michael Nielsen, Managing Director


AGENCY+DTC ECOMMERCE: Boom Butik is rapid-growth DTC ecommerce brand.

Our experience with Reaktion at Boom Butik has been very good. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, server-side-tracking has been simple and efficient. Furthermore, we have used the profit overview feature. This has shifted our focus from revenue to profit in marketing strategy optimization, giving us an edge in a competitive market. The customer support team at Reaktion stands ready to assist, enhancing our overall experience with the software. In short, Reaktion’s powerful features and excellent service make it a five-star asset for any business seeking growth and profitability.”

Peter Pagaard Sommer, Partner & Agency Owner


ECOMMERCE: MoonBoon operates 6 Shopify stores in multiple markets

Using Reaktion has been a game-changer for Moonboon. I have used numerous analytics tools over the years, but none have offered such a comprehensive and centralized view of our data. The “built-in” server-side tracking is working seamlessly and removing complexity in our tracking setup.”

William Sillemann, CMO


ECOMMERCE: Peléton operates multiple Shopify poster stores

Reaktion is a game-changer for our ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. The setup is straightforward, no coding needed, and it gives us a clear view of what’s really driving our sales. We’ve seen a noticeable increase in tracked sales, which has directly boosted our profits. It’s a must-have for any marketer looking to get real insights into their ad performance and improve their bottom line. Highly recommended!”

Jesper Kolbe Vedersø, Partner


ECOMMERCE: Eace Gum specializes in producing chewing gum infused with essential vitamins and other benefits aimed at enhancing health and well-being.

This service has helped us so much. It has given us a super good overview of our marketing initiatives and what works. We have been able to analyze our sales much more efficiently and have been able to screw up our activities where we know it makes sense – backed by data. I can only recommend anyone with a webshop to use this app!”

Asbjørn Dencker, Founder

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