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Increase your Google Shopping Ads profits Reaktion’s custom product labels
06 Mar 2024

How to use custom labels on Google Shopping: Unlock Smart Shopping Success on Auto-Pilot.

Create custom labels based on profit and real-time data. Create XML data feeds for your Google Shopping Ads

Get up to 30% higher profits! Take your Google Shopping to the next level by allocating your budget to the right products at the right time using close to real-time product-level performance data.

Taking your Performance Max Campaigns to the next level

So, what makes Reaktion’s custom Google Shopping Ads product labels solution a game-changer?

Half of the ecommerce stores advertising on Google Shopping use Performance Max campaigns. This means giving up control and insights to Google Ads optimization algorithm. The good thing with Performance Max campaigns is that they give better results for most online stores compared to traditional shopping campaigns. But it has disadvantages too. 

Overcoming disadvantages of Performance Max Campaigns:

50% of your advertising costs are allocated to underperforming products. I.e. wasted marketing budget.

Up to 80% of sales are generated from just 10% of the entire product catalog.

More than 60% of products are getting minimal impressions and clicks.

How to fix this? Introducing “Custom labels” & “Product labels”

Custom labels or Product labels are a way to evaluate product performance based on real-time performance insights from Reaktion’s integration to your ecommerce platform that allow to creation of smarter Google Shopping campaigns.

By categorizing your products with different custom labels it can help you to organize the campaigns by product performance or attributes that are helpful to you. It also more importantly allows you to work with “custom labels” on Performance Max campaigns.

Daily, Reaktion evaluates the performance of your products and classifies them with different product labels, you can allocate the budget to the right products at the right time. Overcoming the disadvantages of “traditional” performance max shopping campaigns.  

Create “Custom labels” or use our “Product label templates”

1. Hero Products:
These are the true champions, generating a significant portion of your revenue. By giving them the attention they deserve, you can transform them into Super-Heroes. We frequently see that less than 10% of the products generate more than 80% of the shop’s revenue.

2. Villain Products:
Don’t let underperformers drain your budget. With around 50% of the avg. spend going towards these products, it’s time to reallocate resources to more profitable products.

3. Sidekick Products:
While not quite at Hero status, these products show promise. Their performance is good but they are getting too few impressions and clicks. With the right strategy, they can be elevated to play a more significant role in your campaign’s success.

4. Zombie Products:
These products are hardly receiving any impressions or clicks. It’s time to revive them and unlock their potential to contribute to your bottom line.

All your products will be evaluated and assigned a “product label” in Google Ads based on their performance. The assigned product label is reevaluated every 4th hour.

Now, take Action

Now you can efficiently allocate your budget to your different product labels. Once a product no longer matches the criteria to a certain product label, the label is removed. 

Using product labels that are assigned based on performance, allows you to allocate bids strategically by increasing bids for high-converting products and decreasing bids for underperforming ones, thus maximizing ROI. 

Turn your hero products into superhero products. Activate zombie products and level up sidekicks. Shift resources from villains to heroes and watch your revenue soar.

Take Back Control: 

Monitor the status of your products in real-time and make quick adjustments to keep your campaigns on track. With full visibility and control, you can ensure that your budget is allocated where it matters most.

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The world’s best tool for tracking and financial overview for all ecommerce businesses. We are extremely happy to use the tool and utilize it across all our ecommerce clients. The founders behind it listen and implement the advice given, which is greatly appreciated.”

Emil Nissen, Partner & Agency Owner

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