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How Server-Side Tracking Unlocks 37% More Tracked Ecommerce Sales in your Google Ads and Meta Ads Account
20 Feb 2024

Want to maximize the ROI of your precious marketing budget? Learn how you can get 37% more tracked sales in your Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns if you are using Shopify – or any other ecommerce platform…. and the best part? You do not need to be a developer. It’s plug-and-play with Reaktion. And yes, you can test it for 30 days 100% free! Total setup is quick, taking just 3 – 6 minutes – though it may vary based on your coffee-sipping pace.

The algorithms of Google Ads and Meta Ads are becoming the unsung heroes of your ecommerce marketing campaigns—and thereby the profitability of your ecommerce business (or your client’s business if you are an agency).

Therefore, it’s essential to feed precise and optimized data to the conversion APIs and thereby the algorithm for maximum ROI of your marketing budget. Start making the algorithms work for you today – and not your competitors!

Summary of why you should be using serverside tracking:

The benefits of using serverside tracking fro your ecommerce store
List of downsides if you are using client side tracking

In this article, we’ll explore why server-side tracking (or tagging) has become essential for maintaining competitiveness in the current ecommerce arena.

Consider the impact if your competitors registered 37 additional tracked orders for every 100 orders and sent this to the algorithm fighting for the same customers..? Over time, who do you believe will win the race in the long run?

For years, server-to-server (S2S) tracking was the secret arsenal for leading ecommerce businesses and agencies, primarily those with a technically adept in-house development team capable of implementing advanced tracking solutions.

Nowadays, server-to-server tracking has become accessible even to solopreneurs managing a single Shopify store. However, server-side tracking involves more than just tracking; it’s about achieving a high event match rate, ensuring compliance, and optimizing for profit and new customer revenue as examples. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry—we’re here to walk you through it, simplifying the complexities to help you leverage server-side tracking effectively.

Why is Serverside Tracking a Must-have?

In the current digital marketing environment, supplying high-quality data to algorithms or conversion APIs is as crucial as your creative content for campaign success.

The marketing channel’s algorithm is king for your success! This is evidenced by the effectiveness of consolidated campaign setups, Performance Max campaigns, and broad targeting strategies on Meta Ads. Consequently, having a state-of-the-art tracking system is more vital than ever. The 37% additional tracked orders will significantly impact your CAC (cost of acquisition – i.e. the cost of a unique new customer) and ex. your conversion rate.

What Advantages Does Server-Side Tracking Offer Over Client-Side Tracking?

Want the short version? Have a look at this one:

Do I need to be a developer to set up serverside tracking for ex. Shopify or WooCommerce?

No! Reaktion has one-click integrations and we will do the magic in the background. 🪄

Say goodbye to complex server-side tagging installations

Plug & Play Serverside Tracking for Shopify

No code skills required thanks to our unique one-click integration to ex. Shopify, Meta Ads, Google Ads, SnapChat and TikTok Ads.

Improve my tracking today

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“Reaktion has made reporting far easier, more comprehensive, and time-saving compared to Datastudio. Their server-side tracking, profit optimization, CLV, target groups, and creative insights are worth gold.”

Michael Bengtson – Partner & Client Director

“Reaktion is a remarkable tool that has significantly enhanced my e-commerce business. With its marketing tracking, attribution, and real-time dashboard capabilities, it has become an essential part of my operations.”

Kristian Larsen, Direktør Anew Sleep
Kristian Larsen, anew sleep – CEO

“Reaktion is a tool that I wish had been there years ago. This means that we now have everything together in one place, and have the wildest tools for tracking, data, CLTV, and much more. “

Emil Nissen – CEO

Want to test Reaktion 100% free for 10 days?

Plug&Play advanced server-side tracking, realtime dashboards, CLV analytics, 1st party audience segments (CDP), custom reporting, attribution and customer journey. All your data in one single platform.

Connect your ecommerce store(s), marketing channels and set up serverside tracking in less than 10 minutes. The record is 4 mins and 34 secs for 3 Shopify stores and serverside tracking for Google Ads and Meta Ads.

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